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Meet the Board!


TIC is dedicated to supporting its international members. Read more About TIC.

Yolonda van Riel, President

I have worked and lived in the Netherlands since 2005.  Sometimes it feels like I have been here forever and other times it feels just like yesterday! I was born in St. Louis, Missouri, USA but lived most of my life in Knoxville, Tennessee. I grew up as a typical American kid. My father taught high school and my mother was a secretary. My brother and I were very lucky to have such devoted parents and they always appreciated and supported that I had a different view of the world.  From a young age, I had a tremendous fascination for “all things European” and I desperately wanted to travel and take in all the beautiful wonders that Europe had to offer. But, alas, I put those dreams on hold and followed a more traditional path, working towards my Master’s Degree and taking a “safe and secure” government job.

After a few years, I was approached by a company and give an opportunity to participate in the start up of a new service center for repairing aircraft engines.  I was ready for a change and jumped at the chance. After a successful start-up, my company sent me to their sister facility in Tilburg to give some assistance and also receive some training. Later, I was offered a transfer to the facility in Tilburg. Although I was nervous about making such a move, my mother’s sound advice of “You will only regret what you never try”, rang loud and clear!

I also discovered TIC during this time and that added a whole new perspective to my life here in Tilburg. It has been great meeting such diverse and fascinating people and sharing stories (both good and bad) about life as an expat. Being on the board (event director first!) has also enriched my experience and broadened my view of the world in ways I could have never imagined.

In the spring of 2010, I took position with another company – this time one that was European owned.  That “sealed the deal” for me and I plan on staying in The Netherlands indefinitely. I have a great life here. I love all the different cultures and individualism that this small country has to offer.  A part of me will always be partial to “home” but as the old saying goes, “Home is where the heart is” and mine is definitely in The Netherlands!

Anne van Oorschot, Secretary

As a girl from Minnesota, USA, I was offered the chance in 1980 to live and work in Salzburg, Austria as a governess for a year. I grabbed the opportunity! I worked for the American family of the Director of the Salzburg Seminar Conference Center, who was living in one of the castles used in the filming of the “Sound of Music.” The castle is situated on the shores of a lake where the gardens – including gazebo – were used for the outside shooting of the film. We dined in the mirrored ballroom every evening and it was here that I met a nice Dutchman, Hein, who was one of the conference participants. The rest, as they say, is history.
I have lived in Holland since 1981 and Hein and I have 3 children. Stellan, our oldest, is married and has given Hein what he has wanted ever since I met him: a chance to be an Opa/Grandfather! Our granddaughter Sophie and her parents live in Delft which makes seeing her all the time difficult, but we are managing nicely so far. Our daughter Kayleigh works in Utrecht for an organization that helps high schools improve the quality of their education and just bought an apartment in Amsterdam. While our other son Joël also lives in Delft, he has just started a new job in Tilburg, so we are hoping he will move to Brabant in the near future.
During my time in the Netherlands, I have lived in The Hague, Delft and Tilburg and while I like most things about life in the Netherlands very much, no place is perfect. I have always enjoyed my contact with expat groups while abroad and missed this kind of contact in Tilburg. When we moved to Tilburg (for the 2nd time!) in 2007, with no more kids living at home, I had the time to work with the city, Chamber of Commerce, Brabant Development Agency (BOM) and Tilburg University to create the Tilburg International Club. TIC had a very positive start in 2008, and the club has since grown in participation and recognition in the area. With a presence on several social media platforms, we are now easier to find and with the help of enthusiastic members, we offer a busy program of fun and informative activities for our members. In spite of the rain that often falls in this damp little country, TIC’s future will – I hope –
be long and sunny!

06-28-2-copyMala Raman, Communications & Outreach Director

I’ve always been an adventurer and traveler.  I grew up in Seattle visiting much of the US and many different countries with my wanderlust parents.  As a teenager, I went to live in India for 1½ years to study and learn dance.  Ever since that experience, I’ve had a passion for seeing the world and experiencing new cultures.  After graduating from college, I spent the next 10 years building an HR career and completing my Master’s programs in Philadelphia.  Towards the end of my studies, I made a pivotal decision that changed my life.  I applied for a position in Germany.

The rest, you may say, is history.  Within 5 months, I had moved overseas, started my new  position and began learning German.  Fast forward 15 years and a lot has happened!  I met my now husband, moved to the Netherlands, learned another language (ugh!), started my own Translation business, added to my family with a girl and then a boy and helped start the Tilburg International Club!

Though I’ve settled in the Netherlands, I always wanted to stay in touch with the international community.  I was more than willing to volunteer my time to participate on the Board to help develop the organization.  That was back in 2007!  Over the years I’ve contributed in various capacities (including a 2-year hiatus!) and am now back to fulfill the role of developing our membership base.  As we continue to support our existing membership group, I look forward to meeting out newest international members as our club continues to grow!

Open Position, Event Coordinator(s)

The #TilburgInternationalClub is looking for an enthusiastic Event Director to plan events that will enhance our member experience. You will be responsible for the organization and planning (with assistance from other board members) of club events. The Event Director is a volunteer member of the TIC Board of Directors, and as such, is required to attend board meetings and present at the Annual General Meeting. This is a voluntary position and the board works closely together to provide support across all board functions, as needed.


  • Search for and propose ideas for cultural, educational and/or social events that fit the interests of TIC membership
  • Organize facilities and manage event details
  • Socialize with members to ensure a satisfactory member experience
  • Proactively handle any arising issues and troubleshoot any emerging problems on the event day
  • Provide feedback/critique at board meetings


  • Ability to attend board meetings once every 4 – 6 weeks
  • Maintain event budget of expenses and payments
  • Ability to attend planned events
  • Ability to manage multiple projects independently
  • Have fun!

Open Position, Treasurer

Interested in becoming more actively involved in the #TilburgInternationalClub ? This is your chance! We are currently looking for a new Treasurer.

The Treasurer is a volunteer member of the TIC Board of Directors, and as such, is required to attend board meetings and present at the Annual General Meeting. This is a voluntary position and the board works closely together to provide support for all club functions, as needed.

As Treasurer, you would be a member of TIC’s Board taking care of the club’s financial matters, helping steer the direction of TIC’s events and activities, and of course, having a lot of fun while contributing  to Tilburg’s international community.

  • Track funds received and spent for every club activity
  • Invoice and report on membership dues collected
  • Maintain accurate financial records throughout the club year
  • Pay bills and reimbursements promptly
  • Reconcile bank statements
  • Coordinate the club audit at the end of every year
  • Ability to attend board meetings once every 4 – 6 weeks
  • Maintain event budget, expenses and payments
  • Present summary of club finances at the AGM
  • Knowledge of Microsoft Excel, Google Drive
  • Have fun!


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