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#TBT: Xmas Cookie workshop 2014

On 8 December 2018, Christmas Cookie enthusiasts will once gather to merrily celebrate the holiday season by decorating (and eating) their favourite cookies. For #ThrowbackThursday, let’s take a look at our Christmas Cookie Workshop from 2014!


by Elaine Ferguson

On a chilly December evening I arrived at the Boomstraat in Tilburg not quite knowing what to expect. Although, I had baked biscuits (cookies) before, our tradition in New Zealand and Australia leans more towards slices and cakes.

I walked into a hive of activity with the chocolate already melted au bain marie on the cooker.  The Ingredients were all set out and the butter softened ready to be beaten into the flour, butter and sugar to make the following choice of cookies:

Jam Thumbprints, Grandma Edith’s Pecan Delights, Peanutbutter cookies and Ting-a-lings.

Anne supervised us while we got to work weighing out the ingredients and mixing flour, sugar, and butter together.

Myself, Thijs and Yiyi worked on making the Jam Thumbprint cookies.  Thijs ground the walnuts using a small hand mill while Yiyi and I worked together weighing and mixing the ingredients.  Anne showed me her Grandma’s method of beating the butter and sugar together. Once the mixture was combined we rolled the dough into small balls dipped them into egg white and then rolled them in the walnuts before making an indentation in the middle for the jam.

Meanwhile Yolonda, Patricia and Emerald got on with making the peanutbutter cookies and Grandma Edith’s Pecan Dreams.  Kris and Thijs made the Ting-a-lings by combining the Cornflakes together with melted chocolate to create small, hedgehog like mounds of delicious cookies.

Trays were being ferried back and forth to the oven under the careful supervision of Anne so that nothing got burnt.  Timing is everything when baking cookies because if they are underdone they will be the wrong consistency and overdone means picking off the charred edges.

Once the biscuits had been transferred to the cooling racks and allowed to cool sufficiently to either sprinkle with a dusting of icing sugar or filled with jam, and of course tasted.  Although biscuits are usually better eaten the next day this is not always possible.

By this time the wine had appeared and the activity became slightly less intense as we packed our goodies into plastic containers to be taken home and shown off to the family.


Invitation: Day trip to Dickens Festival in Deventer

Date: Sunday, 16 December 2018
Meeting Place: Tilburg Central Station outside Starbucks
Meeting Time: 8:55, train departs 9:04
Return Time: train departs 16:15 from Deventer, arrival in Tilburg 17:57
Register by: 12 December (registration form below)
Cost: For an NS group discount round-trip ticket: 12€/adult, Kids age  4-11: €2,50 with the railrunner card, Kids 3 & under free!

We would like to invite you to join us for a day at the Dickens Festival in Deventer on December 16th.

The charming town of Deventer recreates the 19th century world of Charles Dickens at Christmas time.

More than 950 characters from the famous books of Dickens come to life. Oliver Twist, Scrooge, Marley and Mr. Pickwick are all there. Vagabonds are begging, thieves are stealing. You smell the punch, puffed potatoes and roasted chestnuts. Wealthy ladies and gentlemen with top hats parade in the streets. Christmas Carol Singers go from door to door.

The scenery of the festival consists of historical buildings and houses, Christmas trees and thousands of little lights. Not only in the street, but also behind the windows, in the houses and in the little shops and galleries the romantic time of Dickens comes alive.

Each year the 2 day festival brings in more than 125,000 visitors . Please note that there is a queue of +/- 60 minutes for the entrance of the Dickens Festival.

For more details on the festival, check out http://dickensfestijn.nl/

Our group will travel by train together (1hr 40min) to Deventer (no transfers).  Once we arrive, the group is free to split up—shop at the Christmas market, enjoy the characters on the streets, have lunch and so on.  The group plans to take the 16:15 train from Deventer to arrive back in Tilburg at 17:57.

Train Ticket information:

tíc will be purchasing group tickets (a great discount! The regular price is €40 round trip). NS requires that your ticket information match your ID information and requires your name & date of birth when booking the ticket. Please send this information for tic to use when booking your NS ticket.

We look forward to having you along with us on this fun day trip!

#tilburginternationalclub #expatlife #Deventer #DickensFestival #daytrip

Review of GLOW International Light Art Festival

review and pictures by Mélanie Magnier

17 November 2018. tíc members met at the Tilburg station to take the train together to go to Eindhoven and discover GLOW, the International Light Art festival.

Right out of the station, the Student Hotel was animated on a facade by a projected video.

Then, we began a tour in the city centre, where we could admire different video projections showcasing this year’s theme of “Shadows and Light” including the Catharina church, the Philips Tower of Light or the Immersive Decelerator on the buildings of the Markt place.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

There were also different journeys in shopping centres, such as the Heuvel, with bright objects inside or outside.

It was a nice discovery!

You can check out more about the event here: https://www.gloweindhoven.nl/en

#tilburginternationalclub #expatlife #lightfestival #GLOW #eindhoven

Invitation: Christmas Cookie Party

Date: Saturday, 8 December 2018
PlaceDe Poorten, Room 2.04, Hasseltstraat 194, 5046 LP Tilburg
Time: 14:30-16:30 (2:30pm-4:30pm)
Register by5 December (registration form below)
Members: €12 pp, kids 12 & under free!
Guests: €17,00 pp (click HERE to see how €5,00 can be pro-rated towards your membership fee)

A fun way to start the Christmas season for some of our members is to decorate Christmas cookies with icing and sprinkles. We would like to invite you to join us for this fun – and delicious – holiday tradition.

We’ll bring the cookies, you just bring your holiday cheer, and maybe an apron if you have one, as the creative process can get a little messy. The event price includes the cookies, icing, and refreshments. Don’t forget to bring a container to take your beautiful cookies home in.

Turn up the Christmas music and let’s make the afternoon festive –  if anyone would like to bring baked goods to share, you are welcome to do so!

We hope to see you there!

#tilburginternationalclub #expatlife #Christmascookies #decorating #holidays

Book Club Review: We All Began As Strangers

review by Melissa Donders

12 November 2018. After reading the book, We All Begin As Strangers by Harriet Cummings, an interesting discussion was had at tíc’s Book Club. The book was set in a small village in England where the inhabitants were frightened when small items in their homes would be moved around, or things went missing. Slightly based on a true story, the book followed the lives of different characters and how the intruder, whom they dubbed ‘The Fox’, impacted their life.

Discussing how and if we would notice if something had been moved around in our own homes, most of us agreed we would assume it was another person who we live with and not be worried.

We also discussed the similarities of ourselves, living in a country where we have moved for work or love, compared to one of the characters who had moved from her hometown of London to live with her new husband in this small village, which led onto discussion of how we all came to be living here in the Netherlands.

Overall, a lovely night was had, swapping well read books, saying farewell to one of our members and getting to know some new members.


#bookclub #Tilburg #tilburginternationalclub #expatlife #WeAllBeganAsStrangers

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