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TIC at DESTIL Trappers Game


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by Mala Raman

On a slightly chilly February day, a large crowd of TIC members met to watch the local hockey team potentially make their way to the play-offs. The DESTIL Trappers, coached by Bo Subr,  swept the ice with MEC Halle in their home game Sunday afternoon with a final score of 7 – 2.

This match was an action-packed game with overtime where the team ran circles around their opponent. Despite the heckling of the referee and repeated trips by different Trapper team members to the penalty box, the score continued to increase in favor of the Trappers.

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Unlike the many national hockey leagues, there really is almost no fighting during the games making is appropriate for people of all ages to attend a game.  However, it wouldn’t be a hockey game unless there was a little bit of blood and gore. That being said, Mickey Bastings was called for a high-stick (resulting in the blood and gore) misconduct at the end of the third period.  It was a small stain on an otherwise exciting performance by the Trappers.

Thanks to this big win, the Trappers are keeping the home advantage in the first round of the playoffs.



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